Consultation and Management

Our management team have the benefit of experiencing both sides of business (as employed managers and as owner/managers) and is therefore better equipped to align operations and resources to justify and accommodate a new business rationale.

At HQCglobal we offer an easy, fast and uncomplicated consultation & management service to hotels in all sectors and categories ranging from luxury, designer, boutique, budget, economy, leisure, business, independent, national and international branded hotels and restaurants.

We work closely with owners, banks, developers and investors to provide a vast range of practical services allowing our customers to expand and maximize their business potential.

Our specialist team can perform a complimentary same day independent business review exercise to identify issues/challenges and provide you with detailed, comprehensive plan of action containing realistic/achievable solutions.

    Hotel & Restaurant turnaround

    In the lifecycle of hotels and restaurants, business at some stage may face tougher times either due to internal or external factors. We can support businesses to not only stabilize to norm, or minimize their exposure to current/future risks and threats, but also we can streamline operations and finances, maximize revenue and highlight cost saving opportunities.

    Asset Management

    At HQCglobal, our ambition is to deliver and maximize the return on investments while increasing asset value, by constantly looking after the interests of owners, banks, investors and major stakeholders.

    Facility Management

    Facilities management of apartments and offices for single units or portfolios is an area that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the functionality of the built environment by integrating the people, places, processes and increasingly important technologies.

    On a day-to-day basis effective facilities management provides a safe and efficient working environment, this is essential to the performance of any business - regardless of its size and scope. Our business model for this service allows you to choose from a part management or full management of the facility.

    Brand Compliance

    You are franchisee, management or independent owner, customer loyalty comes from the brand your reputation and consistency of quality standards in the products and services you offer.

    A recognized branded name or loyalty program can be sufficient to attract a customer to stay in your hotel. It is that customer's experience that influences ongoing trust. If a single unit fails to comply standards and live up to the customer's expectations, the entire brand can be eroded or devalued and in turn, the franchise agreement or brand reputation can be in jeopardy.
    We can assist branded hotels meeting brand standard compliance and support independent hotels with execution and implementation of standards.


    It is vital for any business to focus and concentrate on core services and products and allow the rest to be taken care of by outsourcing departmental specialists.

    With rapidly changing market trends continuously, one cannot afford to be left behind especially when it makes more sense to achieve operational efficiencies and financial gains altogether. No doubt most of hotels groups now have at least one department outsourced to a specialist company.

    When your business can no longer justify keeping the department in-house, we can review your available options and prepare a comprehensive comparative report allowing you to make a decisive decision.

    Management & Financial Reporting

    Management and Financial reports are life blood of a business, accurate and timely reports are critical tools for management to analyze and react accordingly.

    We can review property management system & point of sales system reports generations including data flow and interfaces to compile and write reports as per business requirement. Our finance specialist can help setting up financial reports in order to comply with statuary requirements which will include VAT reports.

Here you will find typical reports used in the hospitality business:

    Business Plans
    Budgeting and Forecasting
    Revenue reports (daily, weekly, monthly)
    Profit and Loss statement
    Balance Sheet
    Cash Flow statement
    Variance Reports

    Sales and Marketing Strategies

    Every hotel & restaurant has its unique selling points and local demographics that determine its' particular marketing strategy. We can conduct an objective assessment of your hotel's existing sales & marketing plan and devise or adjust the strategy and activities that are undertaken to ensure that the appropriate market segments are being targeted and effectively reached. We can deliver a sales and marketing action plan with relevant costings, market segmentation analysis and property account management penetration tactics.

    Revenue Management

    Revenue and yield management is a rapidly evolving with time, travel and technology advancements, game changing initiatives are being launched continuously.
    A key focus area in performance of any hotel business in order to meet and exceed fair share of the market is to stay ahead in terms of hotel visibility & desirability for potential customer online and offline. Our disciplined analytics will study past/present and predict consumer, market behavior and the price at a micro-market level to maximize revenue potential. We will ensure that hotel is positioned correctly in terms of price and market place.

    Change & Interim Management

    Any interruption to a business' operations can lead to negative consequences, by taking a proactive approach we can support you in the transitional phase of either individuals, teams or suppliers to ensure you achieve the desired future state.