Our Mission

4 Pillars'

  • You our Client and Your Customers:

    We strive to be the acknowledged global quality leader and preferred business partner in supporting our clients succeed the world of rapidly evolving hospitality business trends. We will create lasting customer impact by working relentlessly, providing cost effective, value added services and delivering our promise. Our success comes only with their success.

  • Team:

    We value and respect our team members with whom we work as true partners. HQCglobal aims to provide an environment that encourages professional growth, help and support realize their full potential.
    Personal goals align with team and business objectives. Employees are empowered and we share knowledge, experience and our motivation.

  • Stakeholders:

    We embrace growth and profit aims of our stakeholders. Of equal importance is to deliver those profits and generate growth responsibly.

  • World:

    At HQCglobal, we endeavour to take corporate social responsibility seriously and avail to take opportunities to make a positive contribution locally by working together with our staff, customers and suppliers.