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Franchising plans


Franchising is a fantastic opportunity to become an entrepreneur and to start your own business. The HQCglobal team, on the one hand, can assist you to choose from many available options and on the other hand, can offer you our own franchising systems to fulfill your dream of having your own Italian restaurant and/or coffee shop with high quality desserts. With our proven concepts you are able to be successful from day one.

Your Goal




Finance and Business



Contact and 



To be your own boss?

Better work/leisure balance?

Using your own skill?

Kiosk: zero indoor seats, only street sales

Kiosk + Lounge: up to 20 indoor seats

Restaurant: more than 20 indoor seats

Gourmet Coffee and high Quality Dessert

Authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta

Look at other franchisors, consider any franchise you are interested in and HQCglobal can give you advice

Evaluate the meeting with the franchisor and the documents

HQCglobal will provide projections of sales and profitability and facilitates the banking (loan) process


Visit existing location

Execute the franchise agreement

Franchising Plans

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